Let’s talk about the benefits of Daventry Parkway.

Connecting Weedon

And not just Weedon, but also the surrounding villages, and of course, Daventry. For a while now, Weedon has not had the best transport links, with weak bus connections to nearby towns, and taxis being non-existent. Rail will certainly fill this gap, especially with reaching further to reach places such as London or Birmingham.

Connecting Daventry

Now, I will get into a bit more detail about the core purpose of the project, which is connecting Daventry. That is obviously where the “Daventry Parkway” phrase comes from. The town, similar to the rest of Northamptonshire, has been neglected by rail and similar modes of transport for tens of years, although the problem is obvious to senior officials in Government, and locally.

This is our time to solve this. With High Speed Two being constructed, and investment in South East transport at an all-time high, it is time to give something back to a large, and fast-growing town here in the South East Midlands.

When a station is built, people use it

As we can see in stations such as Corby, in the last 10 years, it has reached half of what a century-old station has in terms of passengers. This proves that when a station is built, people use it, and this is not an exception to Corby. This effect does not just wear off over time, I have created a chart below to show Long Buckby’s yearly passenger numbers, and you can see they increase in tens of thousands a year!

Even these numbers shocked me. As you can see, these numbers are set to increase again last year (data not recorded yet), and then I expect a bit of a slope down this year due to Coronavirus, but then a huge jump up in 2021 due to this.