Weedon and Daventry have an interesting connection in terms of former rail links. Daventry had a station on the former Weedon – Marton Junction (Leamington Spa) railway line, meaning the two towns had a direct link to each other, which in todays world would only take a few minutes travel to get between.

Daventry station originally opened on 1st March 1888, with it’s only service being to Weedon, for an interchange to the West Coast Main Line. Once the line was extended to Marton Junction, Daventry began receiving services to Leamington Spa, in 1895.

The station had two platforms, linked by a footbridge, along with a passing loop. There were also small goods sidings at the station, along with an also small waiting room. The station closed for passengers in 1958, and closed for freight in 1963, five years later.

Nothing now remains of Daventry’s central station. It was demolished in 1968, and the A425 was built over it. Now, part of the former alignment is used a walking route and cycleway. Long Buckby is now the closest railway station to Daventry, but we want to change that.

Weedon had a direct West Coast Main Line connection just 63 years ago, in 1958, as well as of course being the starting point for trains to Leamington Spa via Daventry, and the terminating point too. The former station had 3 platforms (2 for the main line, and 1 for the branch line to Leamington Spa)

The station used to house a busy goods depot, but it was attacked by German aircraft during World War Two.

Two railway accidents happened near Weedon’s former station, but these were both due to the rolling stock in question, not the station or the now Network Rail infrastructure. The railway station in Weedon closed in 1958, along with the Weedon to Marton Junction line at the same time.

This essentially ended rail in Weedon, and Daventry, until now, when Daventry Parkway is so close to becoming a reality.