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Why it's needed

The main benefits to the town come from improved transport links, of course. The town, similar to the rest of Northamptonshire, has been neglected by rail and similar modes of transport for tens of years, although the problem is obvious to senior officials in Government, and locally.

This is our time to solve this. With High Speed Two being constructed, and investment in South East transport at an all-time high, it is time to give something back to a large, and fast-growing town here in the South East Midlands.

Although there have been some bold claims by the former Northamptonshire County Council about improving public transport in Daventry, such as providing a “rapid transit” scheme in the town, nothing has happened with rail. For Daventry to secure their future growth, they need better infrastructure as soon as possible. There are smaller towns in the country with Parkway stations, such as Bodmin. And in cases of larger towns with new Parkway stations, they have clearly grown because of them.