Currently, a large number of towns and cities in the UK have had e-scooter hire schemes rolled out, including locally to Daventry. Northampton and Kettering have seen the rollout of Voi e-scooters. We’re hoping by the time Daventry Parkway happens that Daventry will also see an e-scooter scheme, and we will work with the hire operator to ensure e-scooters from Daventry can be used all the way out to Weedon and Daventry Parkway, and vice-versa.


If so, e-scooter docks will exist at Daventry Parkway, and through wider Weedon if extended to the entire village. A solution to extending the e-scooter network to Daventry Parkway may be that you’re limited to only using the vehicles on our active travel network (learn more on our cycling page)