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Electric vehicles (EVs)

We believe in electric vehicles as being the future of our roads. Because of this, we’d like a “charge and ride” to be introduced, allowing people to drive their EVs to Daventry Parkway from Daventry, Northampton, or the surrounding villages etc, plug in, take their train, then unplug, and drive back when they get back on the train. This will assist Daventry in assisting the Government’s effort to ban sale of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

As well as this, a possible hire bike dock in the station could be introduced. Recently (Dec 2020), these bikes, and more popular, scooters, have become a big part of the county, especially within Northampton and Kettering, nearby large towns. Next in line for them should be Daventry.

If this station is approved, it could encourage people to undock within the town centre, and cycle to Daventry Parkway and dock back in, depart on their train, and then ride back to Daventry when they are back.