HS2 effect

HS2 has a massive impact on the West Coast Main Line, and of course, this makes it also have an incredible impact on Daventry Parkway. We just don’t know what the future holds for the WCML, so we don’t know what the future holds for Daventry Parkway.


Of course, we need to talk about capacity. The main benefit of High Speed Two is increasing capacity on the West Coast Main Line, allowing more commuter trains to run, and serve new stops such as Daventry Parkway.

If High Speed Two was cancelled tomorrow, so would Daventry Parkway. As well as transporting people to Birmingham International for the HS2 Hub in Solihull, our new Parkway station also relies on High Speed Two, so we can deliver an incredibly frequent service.

Future services

Once High Speed Two is complete and fully operating for passengers, the entire West Coast Main Line’s timetable will be rethought and revamped. Most Intercity services will be moved to HS2, meaning Daventry Parkway will receive mostly commuter-style services to Birmingham and London, but certain Intercity services should, and most likely will continue running on the WCML, to serve towns such as Milton Keynes, and cities like Coventry.

This is an opportunity, not a hassle. Daventry Parkway will be able to have their say on a new timetable, to ensure we recieve as frequent a service as possible to our new parkway station for Daventry.