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How it'll work

Daventry Shuttle could work in three different ways, primarily.

A high-frequency bus

A large number of buses could operate between Daventry Parkway and a dedicated bus station in Daventry. The goal would be a service every 15-20 minutes calling at each stop (Daventry Centre and Daventry Parkway). There would be no intermediate stops. The buses would be electric-powered, with chargers at both Daventry Parkway and Daventry Centre.

Very Light Rail

Another solution could be a Very Light Rail system, similar to that proposed in Coventry. The system would use the old railway alignment between Weedon Bec and Daventry, operating every 15 minutes into a new “Platform 3” bay platform at Daventry Parkway,  and a new 1 platform station in Daventry Town Centre.

It would act as though it was part of the national rail network (ticketing, fares, branding etc.). Tickets would be able to be purchased directly from a station to Daventry’s new central station, e.g London Euston to Daventry Central via Daventry Parkway, however, a change would be required at Daventry Parkway, of course.

Heavy Rail

The final idea would be a new heavy rail line between Daventry Central and Daventry Parkway, however, this would be the most expensive, but would allow to carry the most people, and be the most flexible in terms of capacity and service frequency.

In this case, two new platforms would be introduced to allow two trains to operate between Parkway and Central at a time, at a 10 minute frequency for each station.